Top 6 Pepperi alternatives and Competitors to check out in 2022

Surya SK
January 12, 2022

Pepperi is one of the most widely used B2B eCommerce platforms around the globe that offers all the essential services needed for an eCommerce site, especially for large-size enterprises and consumer goods organizations. Some of the key functionalities include catalog, inventory management, multichannel sale management, SEO management, etc.

Investing in Pepperi helps merchants to have a singular platform to look after their eCommerce business. Its ERP integration is seamless, and it possesses live features like CRM and stock updates. 

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Why look for a Pepperi alternative?

So, why look for a Pepperi alternative? Pepperi is a perfect tool for companies of small to large size; Pepperi's pricing starts at $500.00 per month and offers a free trial. In terms of usability, affordability, user rating, or price to features ratio, there are so many tools out there that can cater to your needs in a better way than Pepperi does. 

Try exploring alternative tools and compare software that includes similar features to Pepperi. To help you out, we have compiled a list of top Pepperi alternatives based on shared attributes with Pepperi and better features that are closest to Pepperi in terms of overall functionality and benefits. 

Upon comparing the different alternative B2B eCommerce tools, see what fits your business module the best and closest. Try out trial versions of software. This can potentially land you an alternative platform that can boost and take your eCommerce business to the next level. 

6 Best Pepperi Alternatives and Competitors in 2022

Here we have compiled a list of six of the best Pepperi alternatives to check out, compare and analyze:

1. Growmax

A great Pepperi alternative, Growmax is the right platform built for B2B companies with great features. In fact, Growmax as a platform provides both B2B, B2B2B, and B2B2C functionalities with headless Commerce from the business plan. In addition, it has inbuilt Quote Management, Order Management, Customer-specific Pricing Management, SEO management, Product Management, and customer support system, etc. The feature richness and ease of use have made Growmax one of the best Pepperi alternatives available in the market today. 


  • Built-in PWA Mobile app
  • 99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud
  • Provides complete quotation and order management
  • In-built support & field service
  • Includes product catalog and filter management
  • Customer-specific pricing options
  • Zero transaction fees 


  • You may have to expect constant updates as Growmax, a young platform, is trying to add more functionalities per customer preferences.


The basic plan starts at $59, while the highest ideal (accelerate) is cited at $1099, and for enterprise businesses, it is quoted at $1999. Growmax has a custom plan upon request too. A free version is also available.

Comparison with Pepperi

  • Has a much more intuitive sales rep application 
  • Both support Omni-channel Commerce
  • Way better price to features ratio

2. Zoey

Zoey is a platform that supports B2B and wholesale businesses. Zoey has the ability to take orders anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Zoey also possesses a mobile application to allow the sales team to undertake orders or create sales quotes. It also has a self-service web portal for customers to log in and see personalized product catalog and pricing options. Zoey also gives the customers the ability to place orders and track already placed orders. A virtual admin allows companies to manage their products, customers, and orders. This makes Zoey a complete package.


  • More flexible platform for B2B compared to competitors
  • It has a code-free design option
  • Provides in-built hosting & CDN


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • It has limitations when it comes to customization.


The pricing plan of Zoey is based on the needs of the business. You would have to contact Zoey for your custom plan. 

Comparison with Pepperi

  • Similar backorder and inventory management
  • Zoey has a more extensive customer base and higher market share

3. Ordercircle

OrderCircle is a platform that acts like a Software as a service tool for companies (manufacturers) to undertake and manage their wholesale orders through the cloud. Retailers can sign in and add products to their shopping cart before making an order from a label. The orders are then accumulated into a backend for the brand to review, edit, accept, ship, and receive payment for those orders. 


  • Sophisticated activity dashboard
  • Allows third-party integrations
  • Customizable branding


  • The user interface can be updated
  • Pricing can be an issue of concern


The silver plan starts at $99, and the platinum plan is cited at $299. 

Comparison with Pepperi

  • More economical than Pepperi
  • Better customer service 
  • The overall price to feature ratio is valuable

4. Envoy B2B

Envoy B2B is an eCommerce platform for your entire company. Envoy's tools and services are crafted in a way to help you create unique content, boost your speed of sale, and connect you with retailers. Envoy B2B facilitates the technology you need to support your sales reps and support your retail medium.


  • The learning curve is short
  • Perfect for all business sizes
  • Supports all platforms


  • It doesn't support backorder management
  • Doesn't possess SEO management


Users need to get in touch with Envoy B2B to get their customized pricing plan. 

Comparison with Pepperi

  • Envoy has integrations with Mailchimp
  • Has similar access controls to Pepperi
  • Users have stated envoy to be more user-friendly and more value for money

5. B2B Wave

B2B Wave is a B2B eCommerce solution designed for wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and dropshipping suppliers. The cloud-based platform lets you accept orders and reorders, create an online product catalog, add multiple price lists, manage customers, and sync your accounting and inventory systems. You can also use Zapier to integrate with 2000+ tools and build personalized integrations using their full-fledged API, making it a Pepperi alternative to consider.


  • Easy to implement
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Best suited for small businesses        


  • B2B wave misses integrations with multiple warehouses. 
  • It doesn't come with enterprise features like headless Commerce and is not API-driven. 


The standard price starts at $29.95, while the highest plan is priced at $299.95. There's a custom plan available too. 

Comparison with Pepperi

  • Possesses access controls
  • Similar API, accounting integration and activity dashboard
  • B2B wave has a better price to feature ratio

6. Repsly

Repsly is a retail performance software that supports CPG teams to achieve the ultimate performance in the domain. Repsly's sophisticated dashboard provides teams with the data they need to capture opportunities at retail and the tools they need to give their team to make the right choice in the store. In addition, Repsly’s mobile application supports retail execution professionals to have an impact on sales while equipping sales reps with personalized data collection aids that they need, to report in-depth insights from the field. This makes it one of the go-to Pepperi alternatives


  • It suits all sizes of business
  • Seamless sales rep management
  • Ability to customize reports and audits


  • The learning curve is longer
  • Pricing can be steep for small companies


You would have to get in touch with Repsly to get your pricing plan. 

Comparison with Pepperi

  • Has collaboration tools
  • Possesses employee scheduling
  • Workflow automation
  • Both have similar order & retail management systems. 

How can Growmax bring the best version out of your B2B eCommerce business?

Growmax commerce cloud is an innovative eCommerce platform for your business. Growmax's simple motive is to give users a powerful yet user-friendly forum for your customers to place their orders. Here are a few of the ways in which Growmax can have a positive impact on your business and add value to it:

Greater conversion rates

The B2B model of Growmax eCommerce is constructed in a way to boost the supply chain management process. Over time, this will help create customer loyalty due to improved convenience and better facilitation of workflow, which will eventually lead to better sales and conversion value.

Flexible pricing system

Growmax follows a practical pricing strategy. Processes like sales, purchasing, inventory have flexible pricing plans, i.e., prices are adjusted depending upon the customer's volume of sales and order history, meaning that the price points can differ from one customer to another. Such transparent fees help you in reducing the possibility of errors and thus prevent your business from unwanted expenditures.

Long-term partnerships

Growmax strongly believes in maintaining a partnership between manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Building a robust alliance is vital in a B2B eCommerce setup. Growmax encourages companies to maintain partnerships for the long run as it is essential for the success of the business. In addition, Growmax's efficiency allows manufacturers and wholesalers of B2B products to develop these connections through their platform.

More market stability

B2B model has a more calculable and stable market compared to other business plans, So it has fewer unforeseen issues. The continued growth of B2B can help companies keep up with the constantly developing market conditions, mark their presence online, and spawn more clients. Growmax's B2B eCommerce platform eliminates the need to overburden the salespeople to be profitable. You can keep a stable flow of qualified leads with an optimized site together with your sales team.

Opportunity to enter international markets

Growmax aims to use modern-day tech to its benefit such as Artificial intelligence chatbots that ensure to maintain an active 24/7 presence of digital sales channels in B2B. Growmax's cutting-edge tech gives its users the platform and space to reach out to customers around the globe by eliminating time zone differences. In addition, Growmax gives the opportunity for a company to showcase and sell its products and services in almost any country and region of the world, thus helping in scaling and acquiring the business's target customers.


When it comes to B2B eCommerce platforms, there's always 100s of options available in the market, it is only right to do your research of the options available in the market and compare the pros & cons, and features of different eCommerce tools to see how a particular tool can help your business needs and motives. Try out trial versions (if they offer) other eCommerce platforms to get an idea of the working of each solution. This can help you to slimmer down to an eCommerce platform that can help your business grow in terms of budget, ideas, and as a whole module. With that said, Good luck finding a fitting alternative to Pepperi!