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Connecting and networking with other online businesses and organizations is an essential part of the growth of an online business. If you are a company that’s looking for a marketplace platform to expand your network and connect with other businesses then you’ve come to the right place!

B2B eCommerce marketplace

Therefore, Growmax offers features suited for

Scale your business with new business opportunities, identify your customers better and help your retailers grow together in the best support system. 

What are the benefits of building a B2B Marketplace with Growmax?

Growmax is clearly one of the best B2B online marketplace today and here are some of the key benefits which make us think so:

Leverage Customizability

This user-friendly tech-centered process allows vendors to make adjustments to designs instantly and customize their products with ease, in a few clicks.  

Data-based actions

Growmax’s business models are connected with CMS. This allows users to take action and make decisions with gathered, real-time data in hand.

Offer products at ambitious prices

Give space for your clients to negotiate and seek a quotation through the platform, without the help of a third-party application. Thus, offer a price that suits best for your customers, to keep them engaged.

Lower supply chain costs

Lower supply chain costs

Create a cost-effective selling ecosystem with Growmax. Supply items wholesale to the partner closest to your customer base to cut down on shipping costs, save time and control your inventory effortlessly.

Boost Brand loyalty

If you can maintain consistency with your way of selling products, creating brand loyalty with the B2B marketplace is much easier. You can also get clients to find you faster than any medium.
Boost Brand loyalty
Improve brand credibility

Improve brand credibility

Building a brand name for your company can be tough. Being associated with a business model like Growmax’s can give your organization some credibility.

Stay away from partner conflicts

Sell products and services to customers without disrupting your partner's business actions. Allow your customers to place orders directly while your partners take care of the delivery and transaction operations.
Stay away from partner conflicts

What are the features offered by Growmax’s B2B Marketplace?

Growmax offers some of the most reliable features to help you build a solid foundation for your B2B marketplace. With Growmax you can ensure flexibility, efficiency and great customization capabilities for your online B2B marketplace.

Built-in PWA Mobile app

The progressive web app (PWA) capability enables business owners and the customers to install Growmax on desktop or mobile devices just like native apps. You can install the app directly from the website without the need for app store distribution or approval.
Stay away from partner conflicts
Improve brand credibility

Zero downtime

Growmax ensures that the platform will run at all times without interrupting your business.You don’t have to worry about server downtime. The eCommerce platform is available at all times for its customers and functional for its vendors and visitors.

Built-in PWA Mobile app

99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud

Growmax ensures that the platform will run at all times without interrupting your business.You don’t have to worry about server downtime. The eCommerce platform is available at all times for its customers and functional for its vendors and visitors.

Provides complete quotation and order management

Customer-specific pricing options

With Growmax you can configure your catalog to create customer groups and offer different prices specific to each group.

In-built support & field service

Zero transaction fees

No form of fee is extracted for any kind of transaction. All transactions are without any charge.

Product catalogue and filter management

B2B2B vs B2B2C cloud - Which model suits your B2B marketplace

Businesses are of different models and identifying the right business model for your business can put your business in the right spot.

While B2B2C e-commerce seems like a complex business model to hear, every average consumer engages with them on a day-to-day basis. When a consumer uses business 'A' to order a product from business 'B,' that is a classic example of B2B2C. Meaning, anytime you order from a business using a mobile application, it represents a form of B2B2C. Take your food delivery apps, for example. They sell their delivery service to a restaurant, and in return, they can sell their delivery service to the consumers. 

B2B2B models can bring in new clients to your business much faster. If you take your business online the newer generation customers will find you as they are tech savvy and they take the time to find the right B2B2B partner. This can potentially earn you customer loyalty as a by-product if you remain consistent. All B2B2B models are connected with a CMS, which helps you to gather data and make the right decisions to connect with your customers. B2B2B has multiple payment types, which allows users to explore payment options.

What is a B2B marketplace?

B2B Marketplace is a perfect way for companies to network and connect with other companies, conduct transactions and combine their communication & business tendencies, all under one umbrella. With digital platforms and tools that suffice eCommerce functionalities, a B2B marketplace executes orders and transactions entirely online, running through a seamless transaction procedure.  

What are the key features of a B2B marketplace?

Are you still thinking if you need a B2B marketplace platform to enhance your online business? Here are six key features of a B2B marketplace that validate its importance:

What are the advantages of the B2B marketplace?

Here are some of the key advantages of a B2B marketplace:


B2B Marketplaces make it user-friendly for companies to network with other companies and perform business. With a digital platform, eCommerce makes it compact for companies to promote their products & services and gain orders in bulk. This will help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Higher profits

B2B businesses are typically known to sell their products wholesale and undertake bulk orders. These bulk order quantities help businesses secure more elevated levels of cash rapidly. With buyers and sellers being on the same B2B network, organizations can often cut the expenses spent on marketing since it is easier to network and promote your product & services to other organizations.

Better sense of security

Orders are generally placed via contracts in B2B marketplaces. This adds a sense of security to the buyers and sellers. Most B2B networks are entirely digital, emphasizing a digital node for all orders that you can track and supervise along the way of the package. This allows transparency throughout the process, from order placement to the processing of an invoice. 

More significant market opportunities

B2B Marketplaces allow organizations to instantly target a bulk group of buyers and sellers across a palette of companies and industries. With the customization with most B2B networks, companies can put their expertise and leadership skills to display within their domain. Instead of researching and securing new potential customers, B2B Marketplace platform connects you instantly. 

Types of B2B marketplace business models

If you plan on initiating a B2B marketplace, selecting the right model for your business is crucial. Potential online stores take dips and burn out when they choose a business model or eCommerce platform that doesn’t support their type of business. A business model is an organization’s central plan that describes the company’s services, products, and target audience.  Take a look at the three most common business models of top B2B marketplaces:

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