Effective Internal Collaboration for Better Customer Experience

Stay on top of your online store and facilitate hassle-free workflow. Collaborate productively with your internal teams with the help of the Kanban board to visualize and optimize the workflow in order to serve customers better. 

Effective Internal Collaboration for Better Customer Experience

Synchronize Work, Enhance Quality

Coordinate with your internal team and streamline work to improve the quality of customer experience

Manage tasks with kanban board

Manage tasks with Kanban Board

Make task management super easy with Kanban boards. Configure the boards instantly to create, prioritize, allot and complete tasks without any roadblocks.

Simply create small workflows

Simply create small workflows

Assign small workflows to your orders or quotes to track the progress and respond quickly to your B2B customers effortlessly. 

Coordinate with teams effortlessly

Coordinate teams effortlessly

Let different teams create dedicated boards to interact within themselves, assign, manage and keep track of tasks efficiently.

Task Templates

Build your own templates 

Create templates for various tasks, configure according to requirements and priority, and replicate them for similar tasks.

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Arul Prakash
Managing Director
"Over 90% of transactions are done through this platform. It helped achieve 50% more organizational speed & higher visibility."

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