Make 2x faster decisions in your sales cycle

Sudhakar Varatharajan
December 23, 2021

All of us know that in sales, any faster decisions is an increased revenue. If so, how to improve the decision-making process by two times.

Where is the current gap?

Digital companies makes 5x more revenue and higher profitability.

  • Having the right information to make a quick decision during the negotiation process
  • Identification of right product from a vast product catalog
  • Visibility to every quote to order process
  • Increased visibility to data means a higher conversion rate of customers

Who makes the decisions?

In B2B, Selling multiple resources make decisions within the organization based on the role, product, margins, and inventory. E.g.

  • A salesperson creates a quote for RFQ from the customer and makes the right pricing decisions.
  • A subject matter expert, recommends the right product based on the application or customer needs. It helps them buy the appropriate product; some times, it may be cost-effective.
  • An Operation manager looks for contract price and asking price for the orders; based on profitability, he/she approves the requests.
  • A logistics or delivery employee handles the dispatch process for an order.

The system should be capable of handling each of those roles’ distinct needs for an organization to make it a smooth and transparent process for flawless decision making.

What do we do differently?

Growmax can handle these functions seamlessly to make their decisions faster.

  • Define the territory for your sales teams to handle the right customer base
  • Create an approval workflow
  • 360-degree visibility for your customer
  • Your customers have the complete visibility to their orders with status messages

Be it a dealer portal, customer portal, service portal, secondary sales portal, a mobile app for your sales to pick orders, or an internal sales portal – A B2B eCommerce platform is a new way to address all your customer-facing requirements. Provide an omnichannel customer experience because you get 360-degree visibility to your customers with growmax.