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What is a B2B eCommerce platform?

B2B eCommerce means online transactions in which both involved parties are businesses. The software-based solution that facilitates such transactions is called a B2B eCommerce platform, responsible for presenting the company well and providing the required information to increase B2B sales.

What to look out for in a B2B eCommerce platform?

Customized Experience

Customized B2B catalogue management is presumably the most distinct and notable among B2B eCommerce website features. It empowers sellers to customize product lists for companies, business units, divisions, and even individual buyers or customers.

Responsive Design

This functionality is not just specific to B2B platforms. Every kind of eCommerce platform should support responsive design for rendering your web content correctly across multiple devices. 
In addition, new-age buyers use different kinds of devices, like laptops, PC’s and phones for the purchase process; having a responsive design can facilitate such buying behaviour.

Restricted Access

Some B2B businesses enable pre-registered customers or sellers to order products from their online shops or stores.
Ensure that your eCommerce platform is secured with a password and offers restricted access to customers only. 
You can even limit access to specific parts of the site to unregistered customers, meaning the landing page and product list are accessible to everybody.

Flexible Payment

B2B transactions are quite complicated, and making them user-friendly requires certain advanced functionalities. 

The challenge and urgency lie in delivering a B2C-like shopping experience, with sleek site design and functionality for large catalogues and segmented pricing.

Flexible payment is one of the most essential features of B2B Digital Commerce Platforms. A flexible payment system results in a better overall user experience. 

Therefore, while offering different payment methods and instalment strategies, ensure that offline payment options are also available with online options such as Credit cards, NEFT, UPI, and so forth.

Integration With Other Systems

In addition to platform types or features, integration is also an essential factor to be considered before choosing a B2B eCommerce platform.

It should integrate effectively with your other systems to ensure harmonious working between your online and offline channels.

Benefits of a powerful B2B eCommerce platform

Here are few key benefits of B2B eCommerce platform

Key Elements that make a successful B2B eCommerce platform

Here are a few components to keep in mind when choosing an eCommerce platform for your B2B eCommerce website.

Here are 3 key factors that are influenced by your choice of B2B eCommerce platform:

Factors Influenced by Your B2B eCommerce Platform Decision

Website Maintenance

Choosing a hosted and on-premise B2B eCommerce platform means that you have to maintain your website on your own. You will have to take care and pay for your servers, mend with broken software code, and fix any site related issues that may possibly occur. Cloud-dependent platforms generally set up and host your eCommerce site for you.

If the software requires an update, it will make sure it updates automatically. However, if your website faces a crash, it is the responsibility of the platform to fix it and monitor the performance of your website. The type of platform you want for your business ultimately depends on managing your added responsibilities.

PCI Security

PCI compliance is a must for top B2B eCommerce websites. It is a way to make sure that the customers' details are secure while making a purchase. 

Few cloud-based platforms provide data security for their clients because the data is on their servers. They are responsible for taking care of it.

However, you can also opt for B2B ecommerce platforms where payments are integrated with trusted and efficient third party platforms like razor pay. 

Here, the platform itself does not store any credit or debit card details. Every payment transaction will happen through the trusted third party, which is also a very secure and safe way.

Cost Acquired

A hosted solution will cost you more with the software's license fee, maintenance costs of server hosting, development costs, and the in-house IT team costs.

A fully-hosted, cloud-based SaaS or PaaS platform typically requires a monthly fee for hosting, security, maintenance, and support. However, it will lessen your overall operating costs to some extent.

What are the prime features of Growmax eCommerce platform?

99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud

Growmax ensures that the platform will run at all times without any form of downfall. You don’t have to worry about server downtime. The eCommerce platform is available at all times for its customers and functional for its vendors and visitors. 

Customer-specific pricing options

With Growmax you can configure your catalog to create customer groups and offer different prices specific to each group.

Zero transaction fees

No form of fee is extracted for any kind of transaction. All transactions are without any charge.

How can Growmax eCommerce help your business?

Better conversion rates

The B2B model of Growmax eCommerce boosts supply chain management processes. This will eventually help in increasing customer loyalty due to improved convenience and better facilitation of workflow, which in turn translates to better sales and conversion value.

Flexible pricing

Automating processes like sales, purchasing, inventory can bring about some flexible pricing strategies, i.e. prices automatically adjusted to your volume of sales and history of the order, meaning that the cost can vary from customer to customer. Such transparent fees reduce the possibility of errors and thus prevent the business from unwanted expenditures.

Long-term partnerships

Relationships in B2B eCommerce platforms are more like partnerships whereas, in B2C, relationships are classified more as traditional "buyer-seller". So, companies in these partnerships maintain long-term relationships as it is crucial for the success of both parties. Companies that make B2B products, services, or software can develop these relationships via eCommerce because of efficiency.

More market stability

B2B model has a more predictable and stable market when compared to other business strategies, So it has fewer unforeseen issues. The consistent growth of B2B can help companies align with the constantly changing market conditions, establish their presence online, and generate more clients. Well-built eCommerce platforms don't have to depend on salespeople to be profitable. You can keep a stable flow of qualified leads with an optimized site.

Opportunity to enter international markets

Modern day technology such as Artificial intelligence chatbots ensure the 24/7 presence of digital sales channels in B2B. Such availability makes sure to eliminate time zone differences. In addition, it allows a company to sell its products and services in almost any country and region of the world, significantly scaling and expanding the business's target customers.

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