Empowering manufacturers & distributors to grow their business.

Growmax is a truly collaborative B2B commerce platform for our customers to run their business efficiently.


About us

We are a team of passionate professionals helping B2B companies to provide digital customer experience to their customers with our platform.

Since the business environment around us is changing every day, it brings disruption to many businesses, and it might as well take them out if they don't adapt the change. In this changing online business and digitalization, it is true that not every sized business today can afford and build their software.

We at Growmax understand this gap, and our commerce platform should help address the way small & medium enterprises adapt to technology. This affordable software should help them stay relevant and compete with well-established companies in the market. Our world-class B2B commerce platform empowers Manufacturers & Distributors from consumer products, industrial, medical & building materials verticals.

The Vision

To create a truly connected business platform and deliver meaningful insights for our customers to run their business efficiently.

The Mission

Our mission is to democratize B2B process digitalization  for all small & medium enterprises. We strive to deliver value to our customers, employees, and partners with Integrity & Respect for People.

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May be you

A new enthusiastic explorer

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