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Enterprise eCommerce might seem like a large-scale concept and getting into the right enterprise eCommerce platform to build and establish your online presence can be tricky. If you are looking to make your mark in the enterprise domain, you are in good hands. Let’s get started!

Why does your enterprise need a feature-built eCommerce marketplace like Growmax

Why does your enterprise need a feature-built eCommerce marketplace like Growmax?

Using an enterprise eCommerce software specifically built for the enterprise-level eCommerce platforms means that the software is customized and is established with an understanding of the working of enterprise businesses and what it takes to run an all-around company's requirements. The substantial benefits may include higher engagement in sales, increased brand awareness, management of multiple sites, increase in efficiency, seamless integrations with the ERP, customization, unified customer data, and straightforward deployment.

What makes Growmax the best enterprise eCommerce platform

Growmax commerce cloud is an efficient enterprise eCommerce platform for you and your business modules. As a platform, Growmax provides both B2B and B2B2C functionalities with headless commerce from the business plan. It has inbuilt Quote Management, Order Management, Customer-specific Pricing Management, Product Management, and customer support system, etc. The benefits to reap from Growmax are truly immeasurable:

Well, Growmax indeed has all that it takes to be one of the best enterprise eCommerce platforms in the market.

Features of Growmax to Upgrade your Business 

Growmax offers some of the top-notch features to help you build a solid foundation to build your enterprise eCommerce business. With Growmax you can ensure flexibility, efficiency and great personalization capabilities for your enterprise business. 

Built-in PWA Mobile app

99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud

Growmax ensures that the platform will run at all times without interrupting your business.You don’t have to worry about server downtime. The eCommerce platform is available at all times for its customers and functional for its vendors and visitors. 

Provides complete quotation and order management

Enable your customers to select items they prefer and place orders instantly without any external help or hassles. Manage orders, enable buyers to track orders and request quotations with ease and improve customer satisfaction.

Provides complete quotation and order management

Customer-specific pricing options

With Growmax you can configure your catalog to create customer groups and offer different prices specific to each group.

In-built support & field service

Reduce downtime, respond to customers faster and set up appointments to deliver exceptional field service experiences.

Zero transaction fees 

No form of fee is extracted for any kind of transaction. All transactions are without any charge.

Product catalogue and filter management

What is an enterprise business?

Almost all businesses have the potential to be classified as an enterprise in general, but do all businesses need an 'enterprise level' eCommerce platform? Probably not. Certain companies meet the perfect attributes to actually need an enterprise eCommerce platform. Here's a checklist:

Does your company offer and deal with more than one type of product or service?

Does your company pool in the financial and technical resources within its division of branches?

Are you a company that has its marketing team or multiple departments?

Are you a company that has its global presence established?

Purpose of an enterprise eCommerce platform

The entire purpose of an enterprise eCommerce platform is to allow enterprise businesses to sell their products and services online. Now, that doesn't mean smaller companies can't make use of these enterprise eCommerce platforms. Still, enterprise-level software usually has additional add-on features when compared to standard eCommerce solutions that are standard for enterprise-type businesses.

While most enterprise eCommerce platforms come across as software packages, major platforms in today's world are cloud-based, user-friendly, and eliminate the process of software installation and upgrades.

Features of enterprise eCommerce platforms

Major eCommerce platforms have basic online retail features that are good for basic eCommerce websites, but enterprise-level platforms have advanced abilities like:


Managing various product domains from multiple stores for customers in different parts of the world. This allows you to facilitate flexible and personalized shopping experiences and seamless payment related transactions across mobile, social, web, and more platforms.

Complete integration

Complete integration

The accounting, inventory, and customer relationship management systems are linked and integrated along with the other integral systems. This allows you to communicate with customers from a single pivotal hub.

Product recommendations

The enterprise eCommerce platform will have the capability to track the previous purchases and recommend items related to the customer's history of purchase. Once the visitor or customer makes a purchase on the website, the website keeps track of the data and even analyzes the type of products that are being searched and viewed to provide and showcase better results for the customer. This gives the customer exactly what they need and maximizes more sales in less time.

Product recommendations


Traffic levels of an enterprise-level business can be demanding, and you will need a powerhouse to keep up with the traffic demands to function well. An enterprise eCommerce platform can help you combat that. With an enterprise level business, the traffic levels are not just from one specific local location and it is pretty much worldwide. Having an enterprise eCommerce platform helps with taking care of different time zones and all the activity around the world at all times.

How to choose an enterprise eCommerce platform?

How to choose an enterprise eCommerce platform

If you're looking to work with an enterprise eCommerce platform for the first time, the number of options available on the internet can be overwhelming. If you're already working with an enterprise eCommerce platform, then finding a platform that you can move to can be even more hectic.

Modern-day enterprise eCommerce platforms come with multiple features that can be sophisticated, but they usually are less user-friendly and require some effort for the process of installation, integration, and learning to use the platform to its best ability. In addition, deployment, integration with third-party applications, and configuring products are time-consuming processes.

This is precisely why choosing the perfect enterprise eCommerce platform is essential for an enterprise business that is looking to thrive in this domain. But, first, you have to make sure you get in contact with the right people to work with.

1. Choose the business model to work with

Make sure to get a platform that works well with all three types of business models. Talk to your vendor prior and ask them to show you the working demos of their software concerning all three eCommerce business models.

Here's a basic comparison of the business models:

2. Consult with your stakeholders

Choosing the perfect enterprise eCommerce platform can be challenging when done alone. Instead, try involving multiple departments in the process of decision-making. The backend team, for example, needs to ensure that the software can integrate with demanding systems.

Likewise, the marketing team will need to ensure the platform has the customization and merchandising features to work effortlessly.Having a word with each department will give you a clear idea of what you need and make your process of selecting an enterprise eCommerce platform easy.

Consult with your stakeholders

3. Analyze between service models

Although most of the enterprise eCommerce platforms are based upon the cloud, there are specific different service models:

4. Estimate TCO (Total cost of ownership)

The total cost of ownership can have a significant impact on the success of a re-platforming, but most organizations fail to estimate the entire costs of a brand new platform from the initial stages of implementation to the ongoing expenses. For the implementation, you need to consider many costs, like consulting fees, the total cost for development, and many other expenses to get the platform running efficiently. After the stages of implementation, you will still have multiple recurring fees for factors like licensing, web-hosting, support retainers, etc. You have to consider how these will affect the total cost of ownership before you decide to commit to a platform.

Estimate TCO (Total cost of ownership)

With Growmax, the ceiling for growth is limitless! Let’s get started!

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