Manage your Catalog, with Customers in Mind

Let your customers find what they need without any struggles. Configure and manage your product catalog to make it conspicuous to the customer's eyes and help them identify products quickly and easily.

Manage product catalog easier

Enrich Catalog Management with powerful features

A suite of responsive features to make your product catalog intuitive, flexible and customizable.

Customer specific product price

Leverage customer-specific product catalog & pricing

Customize the catalog with specific customers in mind. With Growmax you can configure your catalog to create customer groups and offer different prices specific to each group.

Easy product search with elastic search

Enhance product search with keyword mapping

Improve customer satisfaction by helping them find exactly what they came looking for. Provide your customers the flexibility to search products via alternative words or variants to a specific keyword.

Cross sell and upsell products with east

Cross sell or Upsell products with ease

Sell more by bringing up frequently bought together, accessory products, and mapping every item similar or related to a product to make your store more customer-friendly.

Search products by contexts

Search products by contexts

Search is an integral part of today’s customer behavior. Let your customers search by various contexts like description, ID, feature, etc., and find the right products effortlessly and at speed backed by the elastic search feature of Growmax.

Set up product variant filters

Leverage the product catalog to create product variant filters flexibly. Filter a set of products based on attributes like color, size, and more to help customers pick the exact product variant they require.
Create product variant filters
Product bulk upload

Excel, CSV upload for product management

Stop entering product details manually. With Growmax, all you need to do is upload a CSV or excel sheet with the product details and complete the process within minutes.

Other Standard features to Explore

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