Everything needed for your Sales Rep to Sell More

From product to customers, let your sales rep know every required information on the go; all within the comfort of their mobile. Showcase products, write orders and do much more at speed with the smartness of Growmax.

B2B Sales Rep to Sell More

Let your Reps Excel at what they do

Enable your reps to facilitate a smooth sales process and deliver great customer experiences with the efficiency of a smart sales rep app.

Enable instant ordering for sales reps

Enable easy and instant ordering

Save the time and effort of your sales rep. Allow reps to have productive conversations, take orders online and check the availability of products easily on their mobile phones while visiting customers. 

Monitor all retail execution activities

Monitor all retail execution activities

Stay up-to-speed with retail execution. Leverage the sales rep app to keep track and monitor every activity and procedure related to retail execution from a single point.

sales rep mobile app

Lightweight mobile app is here

Being a progressive web app (PWA), you and your customers can install Growmax on desktop or mobile devices just like native apps. Install the app directly from the website without the need for app store distribution or approval.

Customize quote to order process

Deliver a customer-specific experience

Let your sales rep customize catalogs and exhibit products specific to each customer's eligibility and interest. Furthermore, apply customer-specific pricing to the products.

Be up-to-date with inventory availability

Keep your reps posted about the latest information on inventory availability. Let them have a clear idea about what products are available, pitch them accordingly, and serve customers better.
Growmax Inventory Visibility
Growmax Order Integration

Sync orders automatically with your ERP

Sync your orders automatically to the back office. Facilitate faster order confirmation and shipping of products. This process can be completely automated and does not require manual entry of data with integration.

Cross-sell & upsell with the convenience of a Digital catalog

Do away with old-school catalogs. Help reps cross-sell and upsell by showcasing the preferred and related products from your product catalog. They can check historically ordered items and make it easy to sell more with much clarity. 
Growmax Cross Sell & Upsell with digital catalog

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Arul Prakash
Managing Director
"Over 90% of transactions are done through this platform. It helped achieve 50% more organizational speed & higher visibility."

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