Develop a state-of-the-art Wholesale eCommerce Store with Growmax

Operate your wholesale business actions with Growmax's wholesale eCommerce platform to cater to your customers' needs and provide them with your best products efficiently. Your customers can now place bulk orders from any device, anywhere, and anytime at any day of the week!

Develop a  state-of-the-art Wholesale eCommerce Store with Growmax
Why is Growmax the perfect wholesale eCommerce platform

Why is Growmax the perfect wholesale eCommerce platform?

Growmax is a perfect and ideal platform built for B2B companies with great functionalities. In fact, Growmax as a platform facilitates B2B, B2B2B, and B2B2C functionalities with headless commerce from the business plan. In addition to that, Growmax has an inbuilt Quote Management, Order Management, Customer-specific Pricing Management, SEO management, Product Management, and customer support system, etc. An eCommerce platform with limitless features and ease of use has made Growmax one of the best and perfect wholesale eCommerce platforms available in the market today.

Growmax eCommerce has limitless benefits and features to take your wholesale business to where it deserves to be, and listed here are some of the prime features that might catch your eye:

What are the top features of Growmax wholesale eCommerce platform?

99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud

Growmax promises that the platform will run at all times without any downfall. You won't have the need to worry about server downtime. The eCommerce platform is present at all times for its customers and is absolutely functional for its vendors and visitors. 

Built-in PWA Mobile app

Sales Rep App

Give the advantage of technology to your sales reps. Keep them updated about everything ranging from products and inventory to orders and customers. Let them showcase products, write orders and do much more effectively.

Provides complete quotation and order management

Customer-specific pricing options

With the help of Growmax, you can now construct your catalog to attract customer groups and offer different prices specific to each group.

In-built support & field service

Zero transaction fees

Zero fees are extracted for any type of transaction. All transactions are performed entirely without any charge.

Product catalog and filter management

What is Wholesale Ecommerce?

Wholesale eCommerce is a type of B2B eCommerce module. Instead of individually selling your products to consumers, you sell them in bulk and at a certain discount level compared to competitors in your domain. Your role is to act as a median between the manufacturer and the distributor/retailer in the supply chain.Now, since we are dealing with wholesale eCommerce, it possesses the ability to buy and sell products online, which is something new in the B2B business model, but it's evolving.

What is Wholesale Ecommerce

Why Use Wholesale Ecommerce Platforms for Businesses

Earlier, the B2B sales development relied heavily on salespeople to nurture and maintain long-term relationships with potential prospects. However, the growth of eCommerce has changed its whole dimension, providing various benefits to B2B companies that prefer to transact sales online.

Automation of processes

Using a wholesale eCommerce platform to sell products is a way to automate hectic manual processes that require so much time. With the help of the right platform, repetitive tasks like checkout, billing, and inventory management are performed with the use of applications instead of manual action. Employees can thus direct their energy towards other functions of the business, like digital marketing, customer service, etc. This gives sales teams the space to work with complex processes instead of handling minor repetitive processes, like order processing for bulk orders, which can be managed through an automated model on the website.


Wholesale eCommerce businesses don't have a physical location. Wholesale eCommerce can reach customers all around the world through their website, social media platforms, etc. With the help of this omnichannel presence, your customers have a higher chance to find you as they switch between mediums and devices constantly. An added benefit of selling wholesale online is the opportunity to generate brand awareness to help you to scale into new markets and reach new customer bases without spending in on a physical location.

Analysis of data and insights

When you own a website, you gain access to various depths of customer data, like the products and pages that are visited the most in a particular day, week, or month, the specific coupon code applied the most by customers, the average time spent by a user on your website, and more. This data can help you to alter and make changes to your marketing campaigns, product, price points, coupon codes, etc. With the accumulated data and the feedback from sales reps and customers, you can attain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and requirements.

Enhance customer service

Now, eCommerce gives you the chance to provide a self-service medium to your visitors and buyers. Still, you can also make use of customization to improve their overall experience. For example, personalized catalogs and pricing lists make it simple for customers to log into your website and purchase the products they want without having to contact a salesperson. You can enhance their experience by providing estimated shipping costs, product recommendations, and advanced quotations that can be reviewed by multiple stakeholders.

Business through mobile devices

Wholesale buyers are fast-moving. They don't spend much time in front of a desktop or laptop. Instead, they depend more on their mobile devices to gather data about products while they're on the go. Wholesale eCommerce makes it feasible for wholesale buyers to research options and make purchases from the convenience of their mobile phones.

How is the modern-day wholesale buyer evolving?

B2B customers have evolved over the years and prefer to buy products online. This perfectly makes sense considering the fact that wholesale customers are the same customers who shop digitally for personal needs.  Wholesale buyers trust so much on their digital shopping experience. They do expand research on a particular brand and its products before they reach out to a sales rep to learn more about it.

Another significant attribute to contribute to this shift is the invasion of millennials in the workplace. In 2020, close to 50% of B2B buyers were known to be millennials, which is almost double the number from the year 2012. Millennials contribute their presence in the purchasing process, too. A 2019 report claimed that 44% of millennials are making decisions in terms of purchasing the right products, while 33% say that they are influencing the purchasing process in some way or the other. Therefore, attracting millennial B2B buyers is critical to flourish in wholesale eCommerce. So, make sure you produce a flexible eCommerce platform that facilitates consumer-like shopping experiences while also integrating with your existing working system to support a smooth order management process.

How to plan for constructing a wholesale eCommerce store?

Before forming a wholesale eCommerce website, you need to ensure that multiple aspects are in place. Here are a few significant steps you can take to prepare your business to move towards digitalization.

Layout your goals

What is a wholesale eCommerce platform?

Business-to-business wholesale companies sell their products in bulk to other companies. The organizations which choose to purchase the products use the products for usage within the company; basically for manufacturing or expenditure — or get into product resell in small-scale quantities to separate purchasers. Thus, substantially, B2B wholesale is a subdivision of the larger-scale B2B market. So, a wholesale eCommerce platform helps a wholesale business function online without any physical location thus helping to run its operations and interact with customers digitally.

Elements to look for in a wholesale eCommerce platform

Once you plan to do your wholesale business online, it's time to choose an eCommerce platform. Here are some other things to consider:

Comply with your budget

When selecting a wholesale eCommerce platform, you need to make sure that it fits well within your budget and also make sure that it works well within your long-term plan. Make sure what the total cost of setting up your website would amount to. Look out for out-of-the-box integrations to cut down on costs. Check on the difficulty level of maintaining a website and look out for the manual and automatic updates that have to be taken care of. Also, make sure if you are responsible for taking care of security and upgrades.

Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options

How your business accepts payments can have a significant impact on the success of your eCommerce medium in total, and the payment gateway and payment mediums you offer can make a big difference overall.

Also, B2B payments are not as plain as logging in your credit card number or logging into your e-wallet account. On the other hand, few buyers might not be comfortable making vast sums of transactions using a credit card, so you have to give those customers another medium of payment to earn their trust.

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