Join hands with Growmax commerce cloud to run your B2B operations seamlessly!

Do you have a group of shops or multiple branches and feel the need to set up an online B2B store that can suffice the sales and order of your company? Choose Growmax commerce cloud platform to run your B2B business operations efficiently.

Join hands with Growmax commerce cloud to run your B2B operations seamlessly!

Growmax marketplace cloud

Growmax marketplace works with two commerce cloud models primarily:

B2B2C Model

B2B2C Model

While B2B2C e-commerce seems like a complex business model to hear, every average consumer engages with them on a day-to-day basis. When a consumer uses business 'A' to order a product from business 'B,' that is a classic example of B2B2C, meaning, anytime you order from a company using a mobile application, it represents a form of B2B2C. Take your food delivery apps, for example. They sell their delivery service to a restaurant, and in return, they can sell their delivery service to the consumers. 

B2B2B Model

B2B2B Model

B2B2B models can bring in new clients to your business much faster. If you take your business online the newer generation customers will find you as they are tech savvy and they take the time to find the right B2B2B partner. This can potentially earn you customer loyalty as a by-product if you remain consistent. All B2B2B models are connected with a CMS, which helps you to gather data and make the right decisions to connect with your customers. B2B2B has multiple payment types, which allows users to explore payment options.

The business model which fits and works best for your business can be implemented and worked with according to your preference. 

Why choose Growmax commerce cloud for your B2B business?

As one of the leading eCommerce solutions, Growmax provides you with so many actions to give you an edge against your competitors. Here are some of the key benefits that help you get that edge:

Take advantage of customizability

This effortless tech-focused process gives vendors the space to create adjustments to outlays & designs instantly and personalize their items conveniently, with a few clicks.

Data-based actions

Growmax’s business models are integrated with the content management system. This gives users the platform to be in control and make decisions with accumulated, real-time data in hand.

Offer products at earnest prices

Provide your clients the platform to negotiate and seek a reasonable quotation through the platform, without the need for third-party applications. Thus, settling at a price that best attracts your customers and keeps them engaged.

Reduce supply chain costs

Build a cost-effective selling environment with Growmax. Supply products in wholesale to partners close to your customer base to reduce shipping costs, save time, and to control your inventory.

Develop brand loyalty

If you can build consistency in selling your products, developing brand loyalty with the B2B marketplace is simple. Clients can also find you faster than any other medium.

Improve brand credibility

Earning your company a level of credibility takes time. Being associated with a commerce cloud like Growmax’s can gain credibility for your organization without a doubt. The reason being that as a commerce cloud Growmax helps you complete tasks at speed and efficiency.

Evade partner conflicts

Sell products and services to your customers without interrupting your partner's business plans. Provide your customers the space to place orders directly while your partners take care of the delivery and transaction process.

Better conversion rates

The B2B model of Growmax eCommerce is structured in a way to boost the supply chain management process. This simultaneously helps to develop customer loyalty due to enhanced convenience and undisrupted workflow, which translates to better sales and conversion value.

Flexible pricing

Automating actions like sales, purchasing, inventory can help you create flexible pricing strategies, i.e., prices get adjusted to your sales volume and purchase history, meaning that the cost of products can vary from one customer to another. Such transparency in fee structure reduces the chance for errors and thus prevents the business from unwanted expenditures.

What are the top features provided by Growmax?

Built-in PWA Mobile app

With the help of a progressive web app (PWA), business owners and customers can download Growmax on desktop or mobile devices, just like other native apps. In addition, you can download and install the app directly from the website without the need for an app store distribution or approval.

99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud

Growmax works diligently to make sure that the platform will run at all times without any form of breakdown. Therefore, you won't have the need to raise concerns about server downtime. The eCommerce medium is present at all times for its customers and is working for its vendors and visitors. 

Provides complete quotation and order management

Avoid any form of unwanted reliability. Allow your customers to select products they prefer and place orders immediately without the need for any external help. Customers also have the opportunity to reorder the previously ordered item in their account history via a single click.

Customer-specific pricing options

With the help of Growmax, you can now construct your catalog to attract customer groups and offer different prices specific to each group.

In-built support & field service

Decrease downtime, communicate with customers instantly, and arrange appointments to deliver remarkable field service experiences.

Zero transaction fees

No form of fee is extracted for aZero fees are extracted for any type of transaction. All transactions are performed entirely without any charge. ny kind of transaction. All transactions are without any charge.

Product catalog and filter management

Customize the product catalog for distinct customers in mind. With the help of Growmax, you can construct your product catalog to attract customer groups and offer specific price points to each group.

What is a commerce cloud?

Commerce Cloud​ is easily the leading B2C & B2B commerce solution in today's world. Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-dependent platform that powers and supports companies to create an innovative and distinctive shopping experience across all mediums — mobile, social, web, and in-store. 

What's the purpose of a commerce cloud?

Commerce Cloud helps brands get to the spotlight quickly, grow at a rapid rate, and scale faster by reaching more customers. By taking advantage of the potential of Cloud, cloud platforms will help you frame new-age customer experiences that translate to higher conversions and create brand loyalty among customers. With the help of next-gen artificial intelligence and machine learning linked to the platform, we enable a person to person customization without any complexities. With an innovative ecosystem like Growmax, it is effortless to plant a company, launch, grow and establish.  

Who needs a commerce cloud?

Here are a few indications that show that you need a commerce cloud:

If you need help with any one of the above or all of them, then B2B Commerce Cloud is the perfect solution for you.

Why are retailers making use of Commerce Cloud to bring in cutting-edge innovations?

Customers around the world are linked together, and they have the utmost expectations in terms of easy-going smooth business processes. Customers communicate with retail brands through multiple parameters like websites, mobile, social media, marketplaces, stores, ads, etc.  Customers expect to make transactions instantly at the moment through any of these parameters. 

Customers expect each transaction to process smoothly and for all interactions to be a consolidated experience. Brands can also take advantage of Commerce Cloud’s built-in intelligence to power personalization throughout the commerce create a highly differentiated experience. To facilitate these processes, retailers make use of Commerce Cloud to benefit the most. 

Why are retailers making use of Commerce Cloud to bring in cutting-edge innovations

What should you expect from a B2B commerce cloud?

One of the key elements deciding about the handling of a platform is the responsiveness multitude of functionalities. Maybe, when you're getting started, you can stick with the basic functionalities, but over the course of time, it is always essential to make the sales and service process as simple and efficient as possible for you and your customers.Sometimes, having these additional features can make your job simple and help you to run the sales process from the start to the end. 

What are the features of the commerce cloud?

Unlike online retail sales, wholesale works adversely. The essential features of Commerce Cloud are:

  • The ability to launch an online store for B2B partners instantly can be individual stores or even branches of your company that place orders.
  • The potential to customize products and overall design of the store concerning the associate who makes the purchases.
  • Advanced processing of a small number of large orders
  • The ability to select various languages. It may come in handy when you have customers from different parts of the world.
  • The ability to initiate prices depending on specific customers with the potential to implement pricelists in multiple currencies.
  • The overall working and responsiveness of the solution regardless of the medium you use, a phone, a tablet, or web browser.
  • These functionalities result in benefits for you and your visitors. For example, multiple functions can be done effortlessly, faster, and quite efficiently.

How can a commerce cloud boost your sales?

To boost your sales, the commerce cloud helps in:

  • Putting up advertising banners much easily and instantly.
  • Building connections between the offered products to persuade customers and visitors to buy other items and implement the cross-selling strategy.
  • Classify different groups of products. The ultimate price of the products depends on the number of products purchased. 
  • Display the product you would like to sell as soon as possible with a limited number of exclusive discount coupons for specific groups of selected customers on the home page.
  • Integrate the store with your warehouse system to display the products available alone. Thus, eliminating any minor inconveniences in the product catalog.

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