How and Why to migrate from Tradegecko ASAP?

Surya SK
January 28, 2022

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TradeGecko(QuickBooks Commerce) is saying it's final byes. If you have been or are a customer of Tradegecko, the chances are that you are searching for an alternative platform to Quickbooks Commerce /TradeGecko.

TradeGecko, QuickBooks' eCommerce platform, will be retired on 10th June 2022. As a result, the service and product support will also terminate on that day. As an online B2B retailer, it's time you start looking for different multi and omnichannel order management, Inventory control, B2B solutions for your eCommerce business.

Here we provide 5 of the best TradeGecko alternatives, which possess similar or better features to run your business seamlessly. 

What is Tradegecko, and what's the talk around it?

TradeGecko is an inventory management and b2b eCommerce platform packaged together in a cloud-based interface. Its key functionalities are to manage product bundles, merchandise classification: variants and components, order management, managing multiple price lists, automating purchase orders, automating backorders, and more. However, TradeGecko is retiring its services around the globe except for the United States. 

So, why exactly is Quickbooks Commerce, aka Tradegecko retiring their services? Well, recruiting and providing assistance to customers in multiple regions usually requires skilled local support staff. In addition, they need to be staff working in the same time zone. So, this makes it difficult to manage activities around the globe. 

Summing it up in brief, the effort of looking after its existing TradeGecko / QuickBooks Commerce customers was overthrown by the pressure, for Intuit, of boosting the United state's revenue. In addition, the news of sunsetting has pushed customers to look for a Tradegecko alternative.

If you are a Tradegecko customer, you can take a look at this Sunset Guide for Tradegecko by Quickbooks, where you can find everything from your account information to Tradegecko's pricing updates.

Why Is the integration of multiple platforms required?

Now, You may wonder why you would require your product to be integrated with multiple platforms when it can be done with a single platform alone? The answer to that is pretty simple. 

You need an inventory control platform and a B2B eCommerce platform. Now, you get an inventory control platform, and the platform says that it also includes B2B eCommerce. So, does that mean that you get the whole essence of a B2B eCommerce from the forum? Probably not. Yes, you do get certain functionalities, but it's not the complete package, and a single platform is not to be considered if you're trying to scale and develop your business. 

Therefore, always integrate your business with two full-fledged platforms; for both B2B ecommerce and inventory management functionalities  to reap the best benefits of both platforms. We'll help you out with it as you read. 

Top 5 platforms to migrate to and integrate with

Now that you understand the need and necessity of integrating multiple platforms, let's see how these platforms fair against Tradegecko and how they prove to be a perfect alternative for Tradegecko:

1. Zoho inventory + Growmax

Zoho inventory is a very powerful inventory control alternative to Tradegecko. In fact, the tool is one of the best in the industry. It possesses all the essential features you would require for inventory control and Management. However, it isn't a B2B function enriched platform. Although it does have the functions to entertain a B2B platform, you can't develop your platform with its operations. This is why you would require a B2B platform like Growmax to integrate with your inventory management system. Growmax offers you integration with Zoho and can give you the best B2B functionalities in the market. 

Zoho inventory


  • Cost Tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Mobile access
  • Backorder management

Zoho inventory in comparison with Tradegecko

  •  Zoho inventory has a better cost to benefit ratio
  • Zoho inventory has better product direction
  • Most small businesses seem to prefer Zoho for its ease of use


A great Tradegecko alternativeGrowmax is the right platform built for B2B companies with great features. Growmax provides B2B, B2B2B, and B2B2C functionalities with headless Commerce from the business plan. In addition, it has inbuilt Quote Management, Order Management, Customer-specific Pricing Management, SEO management, Product Management, customer support system, etc. The feature richness and ease of use have made Growmax one of the best Tradegecko alternatives available in the market today.



  • Built-in PWA Mobile app
  • 99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud
  • Provides complete quotation and order management
  • In-built support & field service
  • Includes product catalog and filter management
  • Customer-specific pricing options
  • Zero transaction fees 

Growmax in comparison with Tradegecko

  • Supports multichannel Management
  • Growmax has a sales rep app to facilitate sales reps
  • Supports all business size

2.Quickbooks online

QuickBooks Online is a business accounting software application that gives you the space to handle your business from anywhere and at any time. QuickBooks Online is an intelligent tool to help you take care of expenses, send invoices, track inventory, and even run payroll. When Quickbooks online is integrated with a B2B eCommerce platform it can be a complete module ready to function at its best potential. 

Quickbooks online


  • Invoice customization
  • Budgeting/ Forecasting
  • Financial statements
  • Data import & export tools
  • Output document generation

Quickbooks online in comparison with TradeGecko

  • Similar performance in terms of accounting. 
  • The ease of use is identical for both platforms
  • Quickbooks Online doesn't require an entry-level setup fee.
  • Quickbooks online are better for small businesses.

3. Fishbowl inventory

This is a significant manufacturing and warehouse management solution for small-sized and medium-sized businesses. Some of the critical features that Fishbowl holds are its inventory management, material requirements planning, work order management, manufacturer orders, barcoding, and a lot more. All it needs is a B2B solution to be integrated with to tap into its full potential. 

Fishbowl inventory


  • Inventory Management
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Order Management
  • Production Tracking
  • Sales Tax Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Supplier Management

Fishbowl inventory in comparison with Tradegecko

  • Fishbowl has better deployment and support
  • Fishbowl's features are pretty similar, making it a perfect alternative for Inventory control. 
  • Fishbowl has a one-time permanent payment module. 
  • Fishbowl's cloud hosting is identical to Tradegecko's. 


Vend is a cloud-dependent sales software perfect for retailers to sell, measure, manage and develop their business. Retailers make use of Vend to accept payments, track customers, manage inventory, and run business analytics for real-time data insights to upgrade business performance. Vend gives retailers access to tools more powerful and intuitive than enterprise systems at better costs. When vend is integrated with a quality B2B solution like Growmax, The results to reap are endless. 



  • eCommerce Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Employee Management
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Loyalty Program
  • Multichannel Management
  • CRM

Vend in comparison with Tradegecko

  • Vend can cater to all business sizes. 
  • Vend can provide live support
  • Slightly pricier than Tradegecko but offers similar features. 

5. Veeqo

Veeqo is a user-friendly inventory and fulfillment platform that consistently boosts your eCommerce business's growth. Veeqo is developed based on multiple eCommerce and shipping integrations. As a result, Veeqo brings together your inventory and orders, Boosts dispatch time, and more. With its in-built demand forecasting, purchasing, and returns handling, Veeqo will unlock your potential for limitless growth when integrated with a strong B2B solution. If you’re a user from Europe or USA, Then Veeqo might be just what you’re looking for. 



  • 3PL Management
  • Backorder Management
  • Barcoding/RFID
  • Channel Management
  • Cost Tracking
  • eCommerce Management
  • Forecasting
  • Import/Export Management
  • Inventory Management

Veeqo in comparison with Tradegecko 

  • Veeqo tracks shipments and notifies customers.
  • Veeqo possesses advanced warehouse management features for picking and packing customer orders. 
  • Veeqo has a single system for inventory, shipping & warehouse management. 

Are you only looking for a B2B eCommerce Platform? 

Okay, some of you may already signed up for a tool for inventory management, then what you need is a feature-rich B2B ecommerce platform like Growmax.

Here’s why we think Growmax can be a potential B2B eCommerce platform to replace TradeGecko:

Here are some of the critical features that come along with Growmax eCommerce

1. Built-in PWA Mobile app

With the progressive web app (PWA), the business owners and the customers can install Growmax on desktop or mobile devices just like native apps. In addition, you can install the app directly from the website without app store distribution or approval.

2. 99% availability & hosted on AWS cloud

Growmax ensures that the platform will run at all times without any form of downfall. You don't have to worry about server downtime. The eCommerce platform is available for its customers and functional for its vendors and visitors. 

3. Provides complete quotation and order management

Avoid any form of unwanted dependencies. Enable your customers to select items they prefer and place orders instantly without any external help or hassles. In addition, customers have the opportunity to reorder the previously ordered item in their account history via a single click.

4. Customer-specific pricing options

With Growmax, you can configure your catalog to create customer groups and offer different prices specific to each group.

5. In-built support & field service

Reduce downtime, respond to customers faster and set up appointments to deliver exceptional field service experiences. 

6. Zero transaction fees 

Customers will not be charged any form of fee for any transaction. All transactions are without any charge. 

7. Sales rep app

Enable your reps to facilitate a smooth sales process and deliver excellent customer experiences with the efficiency of an innovative sales rep app. Sales reps can take orders online and quickly check the availability of products on their mobile phones while visiting customers. Sales reps can leverage the sales rep app to keep track and monitor every activity and procedure related to retail execution from a single point, And many more functionalities. 

8. Product catalog and filter management

Personalize the catalog with specific customers in mind. With Growmax, you can configure your record to create customer groups and offer different prices particular to each group. 

Leverage the product catalog to create product variant filters flexibly. For example, filter a set of products based on attributes like color, size, and more to help customers pick the exact product variant they require.


Tradegecko is sunsetting, and the shift to a different platform is inevitable. While we have compiled the most similar and optimum solutions for any business module, You will have to analyze these tools and see what fits best for your business as all modules are their kind, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Good luck!