What is Product Experience Management (PXM)?

Gnanavel Sivasami
December 23, 2021

It is imperative today to distribute your rich product information digitally & traditionally. Read more to know how can this be achieved by simple steps.

What is PXM?

How do we create & distribute our product information today? A large number of companies continue to print product catalog, product brochures, application catalogs, technical data, certifications for their customers & sales teams.

Traditional methods are entirely manageable when a company has a smaller product range and sold through smaller sales teams or covering smaller geography.

Another challenge we usually face is communication about the product information across all channels. So the next question is, how are we going to provide singular product information across all channels, be it print or digital. The product management team wants their sales, marketing, channel partners & customers understand the product the way the company intends to communicate. So it is imperative to have a centralized product information system with the flexibility to distribute digitally for their internal & external consumption with a great experience.

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Why the online or digital product catalog?

  1. DISTANCE AND TIME ZONE DOESN’T MATTER: Having a product catalog will allow you to reach out and offer your products and services to customers around the world, regardless of the distance and time zone.
  2. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION MATTERS: Building high-quality product content increases customer engagement. It helps you quickly boost your search position in all search engines.
  3. 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS SALESPERSON: Customers will enjoy the round-the-clock convenience of being able to browse through the complete range of product catalog catered by you to the industry/buyer.
  4. HIGHER CONVERSATION RATE: Potential buyers are more likely to research the product online before reaching out to a salesperson. Hence, having an online rich catalog will help you to narrow down the sales cycle and a higher conversation rate.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Building a digital product catalog helps you reach customers digitally. You can easily share the content effectively in every social media campaign.

How product experience is with ApptinoPXM?

Product experience management helps deliver rich product information consistently to their customers.

ApptinoPXM can help small & medium businesses to showcase their complete product portfolio to their customers with e-commerce like experience & centralize the quality product content. Get the flexibility to structure your catalog in categories, digitally release price list, show/hide prices for public users.

  1. It’s a platform to showcase all range of products, services, and spares online with (or) w/o price
  2. Customer can customize storefront slides, product groups, deals, header and footer on their own
  3. Any buyers can pick and choose the products and request for an accurate inquiry
  4. The seller has access to the application and checks/manage all leads for further followup offline

Excellent product experience is the cornerstone of exceptional customer experience! It is also great for search engines to boost your search position.